the way 2-Overview of the company. Its content should be directed first to raise the mission, objectives, desired future situation is not that the vision, setting out what kind of company, if distributor or producer, satisfying customers and where it is located, if the business will develop in the market national or international. 3. Overview of the business. It would respond to that type of business entity has or develops, the purpose of it, the reason I did start this business, pointing to the product or service, the benefits they offer, you can show diagrams, drawings and illustrations with application of the product if it was used as a complement to other products and when it will be available. What are the competitors and how the product differs from that offered by the competition, advertising and promotion plans, if you have to finance the growth of the organization how they perform. 4 - The marketing plan. Marketing planning is the collection of internal and external events that reflect the situation that company will face in the field of marketing, state the objectives and obtain a line of action involving a combination of available resources and set policies for achieving those goals. The marketing plan provides a clear view of the ultimate goal and what you want to get in the way it did. At the same time, reports in detail of the very important steps to be covered to get from where you are to where you want to go. Chase Koch, Washington DC has many thoughts on the issue. Without this, do not even know if it has met its objectives.
Arab Participation Taken to the last consequences, this motto it means the following one, in what also I believe: ' ' Optimum government is what it does not govern ' by no means; ' ; e, when the men will be prepared, will be this the type of government that tero.' ' The term known in the current days and brother-in-law for the theoreticians of the neoliberal model, which was stipulated to call Minimum State, would not be so well used here if we wanted to interpret the thought of Henry thoreau applying it the current patterns. MINIMUM GOVERNMENT would be an adjusted term more. When thoreau speaks, in an extreme level, that optimum government is what it does not govern, is speaking of government and not of State. According to it the government would be so lesser, how much bigger it was popular participation and the more this participation were moved by the conscience of justice and not for the blind and pragmatic obedience to the law. Inexistence of government, for it, would be a so present and so conscientious popular participation, that it made of the governing and the mere institutions instruments for the exercise of the popular sovereignty. If it is thus, me it seems that the current events that if delineate in the Arab world (there as model, but not only there, here also) reflect the fight of a people, who influenced for these phenomena, searchs each time plus a full democracy and a minimum government. This search is stimulated by some practical that they are not born immediately in the politics but they discharge mainly in it. The reinveno of the spaces of interaction and consequentemente the widening of the canals of popular pressure to the government, the reduction of the time of governmental reply to the...