Fund Investment The two dating to April 2012 in placement participation offers of the Franconia real estate specialists remain PROJECT on July 22, 2013 in sales with the introduction of the AIFM. Bamberg, 17.07.2013. PROJECT has created the base for the new structural requirements of the legislature within the framework of the new investment law (KAGB) with the founding of own capital management company (KVG), the PROJECT investment AG, and will request permission as CCG at the Federal Institute for financial services supervision (BFin) as well as the approval of several new funds. Parallel to this PROJECT extended the placement of its current real estate development funds. Our sales partners possess our successful fund concept in an asset class for investors attractive without gap. And they can offer two funds that are confirmed and invested in 12 or 14 objects, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group. The one time investment funds real values 12 was last in the June 2013 through the once scope with an"A"rated. Extension Fund real values 11 and 12 which specialized on development of high-quality residential properties in selected German metropolitan regions planned to 31.10.2013 this should be expected to October 31 year. "Until then we expect 14 and 15 sales approval by BFin for our successor funds. These continue consistently established and based on pure equity investment concept of the PROJECT group, so sales Managing Director Alexander Schlichting.
Bremen Manager The winners of the GPM young finalised project manager Awards 2012 Nuremberg, 21 September 2012 - In the framework of the GPM young crew workshop 2012 the GPM Young awarded project manager award at the airfield in Lutzellinden, located near Giessen,. The three best young project managers were selected from 15 applicants. The national award is presented society under the age of 35 of the GPM German for project management to the project manager, who despite their early project management career in an impressive way to prove that they can manage a complex and versatile project and effectively lead to success. The successful handling of internal as well as the collaboration with external stakeholders is important for the evaluation. The first prize was awarded for his project manager performance in the investment project of VPL BorWin3 Christoph Thiel. The project has a total of 7.4 million and a term of 33 months. It will be completed in July 2013. VPL BorWin3 includes the approval mature planning of a network connection system (NAS) to the Connecting several offshore wind parks in the German North Sea. The second place went to Marcus Horn and his project manager performance in the project Excelsior-the next generation (BRITA GmbH). Nils Samy occupied with his work as a project manager in the Maliakos-Kleidi & M project tunnel project T2 & T3 (Siemens A.E.. infrastructure & cities) ranked third. Raimo Hubner, Member of the young Project Manager Award jury 2012: Christoph Thiel has shown an outstanding performance. Especially the sound problem-solving for determining the solution of preferred by problem-solving and creativity techniques with appropriate visualizations in great problem-solving groups of experts was impressive." The jury consisted next to Raimo Hubner, Volkswagen coaching company mbH, Maria Simek, Chairman PMA young crew, Prof. Dr. Michael Gessler, Professor of vocational...