Political Process The political process - is not a struggle of leaders, and the game of social forces, which have brought these leaders to come. Social forces united in the state, each of which pursues its own interests in the global community. Amplified, then one, then other nations dictate its will on others. Created and split the military and political alliances. Moving borders. The waves rolled by mutual influences of the international community agitating peoples, cultures and languages, obkatyvaya as pebbles, all of humanity and lapping them together. What is this game? What are its rules? What is it? Kabbalah says that this game is between the Creator and creation. Between the all-powerful loving force, and a bottomless desire to have fun. Between Creator and man. And it leads to the unification of humanity into a single multi-faceted body. Us inside the process, it seems, of course, much more dramatic than just a game. For us it is more fighting. The struggle for priority ongoing with the community and with nature, where everyone plays for themselves, be it a person, social group or nation, however, those who were able to rise above their own self-interest of this limited situation, saw that everything that happens leads to the transformation of humanity into a single organism. After all, we are so dependent on one another - and in the economy and ecology, and in society - that are forced to consider others. And yet we do not want to take care of each other, the world will force us to do with external forces, natural and social. Here lies the answer to the question - who controls whom? First take a look at the target process. It always determines its basic parts, as well as architectural design determines the size, proportions, and the internal...
AKASOL Project Partner In the composite project LIANA +, the Darmstadt AKASOL GmbH developed a novel high lithium-ion battery system for diesel-electric hybrid in the non-road sector. MTU Friedrichshafen, sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW), the Institute for drive technology and Mechatronics from the University of Rostock (IAM) and the Centre for solar energy and hydrogen research (ZSW) are project partners. The aim of the project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) LIANA + is a highly innovative technology that is currently available for non-road applications not yet available to the development and proof of the applicability of large lithium-ion battery modules in mobile diesel-electric hybrid drive systems. The focus of the project is the admission capacity of the entire system to be developed. In contrast to typical solutions for road traffic, higher services are necessary when vehicles and non-road mobile work machines. Also applications in the rail due to the significantly expiring frequent charge / discharge cycles significantly stricter requirements on the carrying capacity of the battery system. The research are therefore focused on the battery and energy management system, as well as on the functional robustness - and proof of the safety of the hardware and software components. Not about AKASOL was selected as technology partner for this extraordinarily challenging project. For one, the German company is one of the world's leading developers and producers of mobile and stationary high-battery systems. Furthermore AKASOL specialists project demonstrated already at the HEBEA sponsored also by the BMWi, that they confidently control the development of complex lithium-ion batteries including system integration. If successful, can the LIANA + battery system be further developed to the point of production and should be in the future for non-road applications as well as for commercial vehicle applications with similar performance figures used.