The Opinion There are many examples that demonstrate that so hard it is that power, of course, that these examples are very obvious once the relation between means and government is known, since for the majority of the society they are not so evident. Some of those examples are the announcements that go in the television of the political parties, although for some people it is only commercial who were pleased to spread information, a reality is that it is a commercial one in what, if the political party has association with some massive means, will be spoken well of the party to sell the image to the society. To others it is not surprising that the mass media are so well informed than it happens in the country. Of all the indicated above one it only is to rescue that this manipulation and execution of being able on the part of mass media can beneficial or to finish with the policy. Since the amount of information that handles can benefit or harm the government. Thus the future of the present policy of Mexico, and many other countries, it is in the hands of mass media. If a political party causes I make amends for against east mass media half can finish with the race of that party, and although it directly does not do it perhaps does it through the detrimental information of the party and allowing spaces in which the other political parties attack the party. But all this is in order that the society has knowledge than it is happening within the policy, since has been mentioned previously, who choose to the public images is the society, and a good or bad information can consider the opinion of the society towards its militants.
Normative Instruction Some times these if had become very air-tight (Resolution CNPS in the 1,269), what it was softened by others (Resolution CRPS/MPS in the 1,316); another occasion the installed complexity was not diminished (Normative Instruction INSS in the 31). 2.Os professional tied with the companies does not understand what they need to make from these legislaes. The intrinsic message passed by the Social welfare is: They do not direct individuals to request benefits. Companies who to send? according to some established rules (the resolutions) - the increased RAT will be able to collect. Thus, what it needs to be made is to diminish the guiding. This because for a common illness? thus understood for the company? a benefit can be granted acidentrio. The totality of these emitted benefits and more the CATs, has this result in benefits or not, they constitute the index of ' ' freqncia' ' of the FAP. Another aspect is that the organizations are impregnated with managers of the type ' ' it orders for the INSS' ' ; you lead they are them that they do not obtain to make management of people and they prefer to force the employee to be directed to the INSS instead of to take care of of its health. He is obvious that the reduction of encaminhamentos of individuals for the Providence will not go to occur for ' ' decreto' ' instituted for the company; she is necessary that if they adopt some practical, are for controlling of efficient form the risks that generate removals, are for controlling the proper removals, occurred through the certified doctors. appears another reply to the question here of why the management of the FAP is so insufficient between the companies: 3.A culture of Health and Security in Brazil, the organizations, and each economic...