Natural Sciences INTRODUCTION Considering the historical process of the occupation of the Amaznia throughout the times and the city of Medicilndia Par, located the edges of the Transamaznica highway of the BR 230, as the too much neighboring cities come facing some ambient problems, problems farming, lacks to education and health of quality etc. these and other factors contribute for low a production in the country properties, causing to a high index of poverty in the region affecting the learning of the educandos. With bases in these facts, it is important to problematizar and to characterize as if it has constructed, the system of familiar production inside of the relations with the way where he is involved. Therefore it is important to search the negative causes and positive brought for politics it publishes that it provoked a diversity in our region. Therefore a research in the property of Mr. Joo was carried through Antonio de Lima who deferred payment in the community Ours Lady of the Favours, to identify as they are the systems of production of the educandos of the school Ours Lady of the Favours and region. Already registering the importance of the organic production that this being worked in the city through a cooperative perceiving the wealth that the region offers, and detaching the productive potential in the cacaueira farming. In this research some points had been boarded: how the occupation of the property and its actors? The carried through productive activities in the space of the property? How they have been developed these activities considering its relation with the environment? as occurs the relation between the family and the community where the same one is inserted and its experience with the social movements and the pertaining to school space? This research has as objective generality to analyze and...
The Opinion There are many examples that demonstrate that so hard it is that power, of course, that these examples are very obvious once the relation between means and government is known, since for the majority of the society they are not so evident. Some of those examples are the announcements that go in the television of the political parties, although for some people it is only commercial who were pleased to spread information, a reality is that it is a commercial one in what, if the political party has association with some massive means, will be spoken well of the party to sell the image to the society. To others it is not surprising that the mass media are so well informed than it happens in the country. Of all the indicated above one it only is to rescue that this manipulation and execution of being able on the part of mass media can beneficial or to finish with the policy. Since the amount of information that handles can benefit or harm the government. Thus the future of the present policy of Mexico, and many other countries, it is in the hands of mass media. If a political party causes I make amends for against east mass media half can finish with the race of that party, and although it directly does not do it perhaps does it through the detrimental information of the party and allowing spaces in which the other political parties attack the party. But all this is in order that the society has knowledge than it is happening within the policy, since has been mentioned previously, who choose to the public images is the society, and a good or bad information can consider the opinion of the society towards its militants.