Stabilization Fund To make matters worse, the price of fuel does not stop its rise and it affects production costs. And just in today, it could cause an increase in the price of fuel. It would be the largest increase in fuel prices since 2001. Yesterday there were 120,000 trucks stranded on the sides of Chilean roads in protest at the increase in fuel prices that has been occurring in recent times. The Chilean government had injected U.S. $ 1,000 million for a Stabilization Fund of fuels, something that has not finished to convince truckers. Employers are pessimistic and rightly so, since they are facing an inflationary context with a Central Bank which suggests an increase in its benchmark rates which would adversely affect domestic demand. And to make matters worse, the energy problems being experienced by Chile have worsened in recent days by the cancellation of gas shipments from Argentina. That's why business confidence is at a historical low. In fact, according to monthly Business Confidence Indicator (IMCE), the prospects for trade, construction, and mining industry fell to 53.4 points in May, the lowest for that month on record. Logically, the sector is the sector worst industry for which the indicator showed a value IMCE 47.2. However, despite the pessimism of entrepreneurs in general, one can still find companies with good growth prospects, as is the case of Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (NYSE: EOC). Endesa SA, reached during the first quarter of this year, a profit of $ 77.649 million (about U.S.
Cultural Plurality These phenomena if interpenetram in continuous processes of hibridizao. The challenge of the Cultural Plurality is to respect the different groups and cultures that compose the Brazilian and world-wide ethnic mosaic, stimulating the conviviality of the diverse groups and to make of this characteristic a factor of cultural enrichment. With it we consider to respect them the differences, to become rich with them e, at the same time, to value the proper cultural and regional identity. Also to fight for a world where the respect to the differences is the one base world vision each richer time for all we. These are the questions most important that century XXI excites and on which each one of us can and must reflect. As it consists in the PCNEM (1999), the study of new subjects, considering the plurality of citizens in its confrontations, modifying conceptions reached only in ' ' great eventos' ' or in the based forms estruturalista in the production ways, for intermediary of which men and women of ' disappear of sena; ' meat and osso' ' , it has equally redefined the metodolgico treatment of the research. The historical inquiry passed considers it the importance of the use of other documentary sources, beyond the writing, perfecting interpretation methods that they enclose to some produced registers. The communication between the men, beyond writing, is verbal, gestual, sonorous and pictorial. (PCNEM, 1999, p.44). The education of the History of Brazilian the Afro Culture becomes basic for the understanding of the historical facts and for its joint with history/present reality, a time that the gift is fruit of the dynamics of the historical events of the past. In this direction, the education of History of Brazilian the Afro Culture possesss excellent paper in the overcoming of the social exclusion, in the...